Friday, November 19, 2004

Cloudy on Mount St Helens and Mars!

The Volcanocam was playing up last night and images were not being transmitted to the server between twilight until almost 01:00 am, after that the view of the mountain was obscured by fog & clouds for the entire evening - so no glow...

On a different planet, Mars, clouds are less of a problem and far more fascinating. The Mars Exploration Rover website has released a new image showing whispy cirrus clouds in the Martian sky above the Endurance Crater. There's something about seeing clouds in the sky that makes Mars feel a little less alien and a little more welcoming - at least to my mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work on the nighttime images, seeing the glow through all that static is fantastic.

Quick note about the above post, I think you meant Mars Exploration Rover (instead of Mars Express)

2004-11-19, 4:17 p.m.  

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