Monday, November 22, 2004

A new glow on Mount St Helens?

While processing the images from last night, I noticed one frame in which a brief flash of light was visible in the crater, but far to the left of the regular location of the glow near the lavadome. The time of this particular image was 21 November 23:36.

This may just be noise, but the spot of light is far brighter and different in nature to the normal residual noise on the night time images. I have overlaid the processed frame and an image of the regular glow over a shot of the crater taken in daytime to give an idea of its location.

If its real, it may indicate a new hotspot in the crater, or be the result of the incandescent glow from the lava reflecting off snow at the rear of the crater. Time will tell if this was a real event, or just a particularly bright bit of noise...


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