Friday, December 03, 2004

Mount St helens puts on a more diffuse show

Yesterday the US Forest Service serviced the Volcanocam (cleaned the lens, adjusted the focus and zoom). Last night the images from the mountain showed the glow for most of the night, but the glow was far larger and more diffuse than we have seen previously, as demonstrated by the stacked image below. This may be due to steam obscuring the incandescent lava which gives rise to the well defined hot spots on the mountain we have seen over the previous weeks, or it could possibly be due to the focus adjustment of the Volcanocam. I guess time will tell...

The movies of the diffuse display has been posted.

Note: When comparing this image to the previous image from yesterday, it is only the area around the glow which is comparable. I couldn't use the previous reference (Background) image due to the adjustment of the zoom range on the Volcanocam.

Stacked image from last night showing the diffuse glow from the crater.


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