Thursday, February 10, 2005

Another outburst of activity on Mount St Helens

The Volcanocam images from last night recorded another bright flash from Mount St Helens at 01:38 local time. Below is an image of the flash, superimposed on a daytime photo of the mountain for reference. A movie of the event is also available.

The USGS/CVO have posted new images (taken on 8 February) showing the growth and fractures of the new lavadome.


Anonymous Lyn Den said...

Thanks again, Darryl! Great work! Thanks for putting out both videos, the one with the natural flash and light but cleaned up, and the other with enhanced flashing. Let's us know what it really looks like to the eye if we were at JRO overnight!

Oh, and I also post the newest daytime USGS photos (embedded links to their site) with my own observations and commentary in the Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument thread on the Weather Channel message boards (in the National Parks forum). You can get there by going to:

It will ask you to create an identity, but they don't spam or sell it, it is safe to use! Have fun!

2005-02-10, 5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bummer, volcanocam has been down most of the afternoon, and all evening and night so far. The folks at the Forest Service are working on the problem, but not sure of when it will be fixed. Too bad, as several significant tremors tonight in the crater, so likely a flash or two since night fall! Not gonna have a record of them, unfortuantely.

2005-02-10, 9:32 PM  

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