Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mysterious glow on the west flank of Mount St Helens

On the images from the Volcanocam from last night there was something new and unexpected.

The usual glow from the lavadome appeared briefly just after sunset for about an hour. But then a small bright glow appeared on the west flank of the crater.

So far the source of the glow is a complete mystery. Such a bright infra-red response is unlikely to be caused by a campfire, unless it was a really large bonfire. It could be due to a defective pixel on the Volcanocam camera, but that seems unlikely due to the fact the intensity of the spot changes over the course of the night. There is also the distant and unlikely possibility that it indicates the location of a new volcanic vent appearing on the side of the crater.

Stay tuned for further developments....


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