Saturday, May 21, 2005

Thar she blows...

Just before dawn this morning there was a major outburst of activity recorded on the images from the US Forest Service Volcanocam. Presumably the bright glow was caused by a rock fall/landslide from the spine of the ever fracturing lavadome.

There was also no sign of the anomalous glow on the west flank of the crater. The advice I have from an engineer that works in designing and manufacturing CCD cameras is that the source of this mystery glow was not a defective pixel.

It has appeared a couple of times since, but very faintly. The brightness of this glow also appears to be attenuated by thick clouds between the camera and the crater. So it seems that whatever the cause, it was the result of something actually on the side of the mountain and glowing in the near infra-red part of the spectrum.


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