Sunday, August 28, 2005

Three tremors - three bright outbursts from the lavadome

There were three bright outbursts of activity from the lavadome on Mount St Helens last night around 23:45, 00:25 and 03:40, which corresponded in time with tremors of magnitudes M2.8, M2.4, and M2.8.

According to the USGS the new lavadome continues to grow with the rate of addition of lava to the dome from mid-May to mid-June remained at about 1.5 cubic meters (2 cubic yards) per second. The high point of the lava dome (the actively growing spine) on June 15 was 2,335 meters (7,660 feet), but it is currently lower than that owing to the recent large rock falls from the spine. They have also posted a new animation of the lavadome growth from June 16 to August 16, compiled from images taken by the remote camera at the location called the Sugarbowl.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was actually online live when I saw the 0025 outburst - brightest I've ever seen real time. Seems like it's been a steady glow for a while now.

2005-08-29, 11:00 AM  

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