Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Volcanocam's broke!

UPDATE: The Volcanocam is working again!!! New images started apearing on the Volcanocam pages just after 10:30 this morning.

The US Forest Service Volcanocam has stopped transmitting images from the Johnson Ridge Observatory at Mount St Helens. The last image to be sent was from 18:35 on Friday night. The problem has occurred several times in the past and is presumably due to a communications failure between JRO and the web server. Unfortunately, the webmaster is away for two weeks starting last Wednesday, so it may be another week before its fixed...

There were a couple of larger tremors last night around 18:30 and 02:20 which are clearly visible on the St Helens - West webicorder trace and there was a M3.2 tremor at 18:10 on Friday night that was associated with a small plume of dust, and several other smaller tremors that night. However, until the communications problem is resolved, we won't know if this caused any heightened levels of activity during the night.

The USGS/CVO have just released a new movie of the growth/decay of the lavadome from the Sugarbowl camera - definitely worth a look!


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