Sunday, September 25, 2005

A couple of outbursts from Mount St Helens last night

It was another clear night over at Mount St Helens and there was considerable activity in the crater. The night began with a small glow emanating from the lavadome, which was followed by a small outburst at 22:56, then two much larger outbursts in activity at 00:21 and 04:51 this morning.

On Thursday the USGS/CVO held a press conference to celebrate the first anniversary of the current eruption. They released a range of interesting images and poster papers covering all aspects of the eruption so far. Note that some of the posters are very large PDF files...

Images from USGS/CVO:
Informational Posters from the USGS/CVO:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Darryl, keep up the good work! It's Tony from Lynden. I noticed that the enhanced views in your nighttime movies have the glows too far towards the middle of the crater right now. The non-enhanced views show the glows from the rockslides occuring much closer to the western crater wall (left in the photos) where it angles downward from right to left.

The newest ridge continues to march westward, and soon will be out of site behind that Western crater wall if the movement continues. You must be using an older photo for the enhanced views rather than a newer one from where they have now angled the camera.

It is off by about an 1/8 to a 1/4 of an inch on my screen between the actual non enhanced view and the enhanced view. You can see this when the mountain is still visible in the non-enhanced view in the early evening and morning, as well as by seeing where the flashes appear in relation to the time that is posted above. In the non-enhanced view the flashes generally appear under the : seperating the minutes from the seconds, which are always at 00. In the enhanced view, the flashes are generally under the : seperating the hours from the minutes, so clearly well to the left of the actual position.

Don't know if you can use a newer image to correct this so that it reflects acurately the area of the crater the landslides are occuring in. It would be great if you could, thanks!

2005-09-28, 10:05 AM  
Blogger Daz said...

G'day Tony, You are correct. There is a discrepency between the normal view and the enhanced view, but this is due to the fact that the Volcanocam camera was moved slightly when they cleaned the lens back on the 13th September.

As I didn't have a new image of the crater that was properly refenced to do the overlay, I shifted the glow images to match the new location of the camera in relation to the the image of the mountain that I have been using for the last several months.

So the location of the glow on the enhanced (overlay) images should be correct in relation to its location in the crater, it's just that it is displaced slightly from the non-overlayed images.

I intend to generate a new reference picture this weekend, so everything will be consistent in the future.

2005-09-29, 6:48 AM  

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