Sunday, November 13, 2005

Unjust corporate intimidation of a concerned mother

Louisette Lanteigne of Waterloo, Ontario, was concerned about the environmental and human costs of the development in her local area caused by the property developer Activa Holdings Inc. She studiously recorded environmental and EHS violations by Activa, even winning accolades from the provincial authorities for her efforts.

Now Activa Holdings are suing this concerned single mother for $2 million for libel.

This is obviously nothing more than a SLAPP suit - a legal action intended to intimidate the recipient into submission.

After reading through the information that Louisette Lanteigne has compiled I don't see anything that deserves a $2 million law suit. I do see a mother that is concerned about her children and her community. I also see a corporate entity that has far too much money at its disposal and no consideration of ethics in its behaviour.

Activa Holdings Inc, is not a publicly listed company in Canada, as evidenced by a search for their name on SEDAR. This story was recently posted on Slashdot, and some of the responses helped to pinpoint the people behind this law suit.

If you felt their behaviour was unacceptable I would encourage you to send them and e-mail expressing your outrage that they would try such legal BS against a single mother, who did little more than report their own environmental and EHS failures. This is not an attitude or response you would expect from a responsible company.

A first point of contact would be:

Peter Armbruster
Activa Group
735 Bridge Street West
Waterloo, ON N2V 2H1
Phone: (519) 886-9400, Ext 104
Fax: (519) 886-8955


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