Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mount St Helens and Augustine Volcanoes

Clouds continue to obscure the view of Mount St Helens, so we still haven't had a clear view of the mountain for almost a month, either during the day or at night. There was one noticeably stronger tremor last night at 18:01 and the Volcanocam is currently showing nothing more than clouds.

I have posted an animation of the activity on Mount St Helens on the 18, 19 and 20th August 2005 on Google Video - you can view it online or download for iPod, Sony PSP, Windows & Mac for no charge, although the downloads require the installation of the Google Video player.

Kevision posted a note on Daz Dayz pointing out the volcanic action happening up at the Augustine volcano in Alaska. The Alaska volcano observatory also has a webcam to view the eruptions progress - possibly something to check out until the weather clears at Mount St Helens - although at present it is also showing a cloudy view :-)


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