Tuesday, June 13, 2006

NASA videos meteroid impact on moon

NASA has released video of a meteoroid impacting on the moon (copied above). According to NASA the resulting crater is, "...about 14 meters wide, 3 meters deep and precisely one month, eleven days old."

The video was recorded as part of a new survey being carried out to determine what risks are posed by meteor impacts to any future travellers to the moon.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

More activity on Mount St Helens

It has been a few days since we have seen much activity on Mount St Helens (or been able to see it due to clouds), but last night there were several bright out bursts caused by rock falls from the growing lavadome. The image below shows the location of the bright outbursts recorded by the US Forest service Volcanocam camera during the night. As can be seen the activity was located on the top of the growing "fin" as well as lower down on the older part of the lavadome.

An animation of the night's activity is also available here. It is interesting to compare the timing of the events with a seismic trace of from last night. The outbursts appear to correspond to the longer, broader signals seen on this webicorder trace located on the old dome within the crater. The larger event that occurred at 04:30 did not correspond with any visible activity, but this is possibly due to clouds obscuring the view.

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