Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Xmas mystery on Mount St Helens

Mount St Helens has been quietly active over the last few days, with two hot-spots visible in the crater last night - as shown in the stacked set of images above - and intermittently over the last week or so.

However, at 18:47 yesterday evening a large bright light appeared above and to the left of the crater as seen in this enhanced image which was superimposed over a daylight image of Mount St Helens for reference.

This bright spot only appeared on this one image, and no others. So it is likely that it is nothing more than a glitch or due to noise - however, the spot is much larger than the usual noise spikes that I have seen in the images from the Volcanocam over the last two years.

Below is the original image, and beneath that a b&w image with that had the noise filtered out - so you can see that I'm not making this up!

Any thoughts as to what it may be?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mount St Helens Update

Apologies to all for my recent tardiness, general life seems to have gotten in the way of updating the blog on a regular basis. Not that there hasn't been a lot of interest going on in the world, just my general lack of time to blog!

Mount St Helens was shrouded in clouds for most of the last few weeks and has only reappeared into view over the last few days - and it's been a little active, with a couple of hotspots clearly visible in the nightly processed images. The weather is forecast to stay clear for another day or so, so there may be more to come.

I will add a few more items including an update on the Visible Dust sensor debacle in the next day!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sun goes BANG!

Even though we are at the minimum of solar activity, the sun has released three large X-class flares over the last week. The latest is an X3.4 solar flare that was unleashed a couple of hours ago. So this means that some really impressive auroras may be heading our way. Stay tuned...

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