Monday, July 23, 2007

Objects floating by the International Space Station has posted a video of a strange object floating around the International Space Station, as recorded from the Space Shuttle during the recent mission. Different videos are available wmv, mpg, avi.

By stacking all of the frames from the video sequence, we can see where the object travelled, and what's more that it appears there were actually three different objects recorded flying around during the video.

The object of most interest is the large worm-like object that passes behind the ISS, but is visible in the first frame as coming from beyond the station, as seen here:

The object passes behind the structure and appears to recede into the distance (in the video from the centre to the lower left side of the frame).

The two other objects appear to be travelling much faster and are travelling in the opposite direction - appearing in the left side of the frame and progressing up and toward the centre/top of the frame - possibly from the shuttle itself.

Maybe the the first object was also released from the shuttle - just a thought. But it does seem as if its a little crowded up there!

Software used: PD Pro 4.1 & Image Stacker.


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